Affordable, confidential, ADHD treatment for college students and adults.

ADHD is a mental illness characterized by an inability to focus and hyperactivity. This disorder affects people of all ages. Despite this, many adults don’t receive the medications to control their symptoms. We’re committed to helping increase accessibility to affordable, quick, and easy ADHD treatment. Find out how we help college students obtain ADHD treatment services.

ADHD Treatment for College Students

TreatADHD was made to help you: college students, adults, and anyone else struggling to get ADHD medications and resources. For many with ADHD, it can be a struggle accessing medication. For this reason, we’ve constructed an organization dedicated to helping you and others suffering with ADHD access the medications they need.

College students with ADHD suffer disproportionately compared to children. They often are misdiagnosed, dismissed, or told they’re too old to have ADHD, especially when they don’t have a childhood diagnosis. It can be near impossible finding a doctor willing to prescribe ADHD medications on your own if you’ve never been diagnosed before. Luckily, TreatADHD is here to help. Read more to learn how we can connect you to a local doctor that can screen, diagnose, treat, and prescribe ADHD medication.

In-Network Doctors. Affordable ADHD Treatment.

We strive to provide affordable care by connecting you with in-network doctors so you pay less. We work with all insurance plans, including college student health insurance plans.

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ADHD Medication for Adults

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Getting prescribed Adderall can be difficult by yourself; many doctors are hesitant to start stimulant medication so late. Luckily, TreatADHD can help.

Why Choose Us


Affordable Care

For many, a major struggle to accessing ADHD resources is cost. Luckily, we work with all insurance plans and carriers, helping you find the most affordable care by avoiding out-of-network providers.


Short Wait Times

Our specialists work seven days a week and are committed to helping you receive ADHD resources and medication in a timely fashion.


Patient-Led Care

We believe patients do best when they’re active in their treatment plans. For this reason, we connect our clients to open-minded, compassionate, and non-judgmental physicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

TreatADHD acts as an intermediary between you and the doctor. We find an in-network psychiatrist, reach-out, connect, and analyze your insurance benefits. We help prepare you for the entire process of getting treated for ADHD, from start to finish.

Can you doctors prescribe Adderall?

Adderall is currently classified as a controlled substance. Controlled Substances are substances deemed by the DEA as having a potential for abuse or addiction. TreatADHD works with doctors who have experience prescribing these medications, minimizing the risk of potential addiction and abuse. In the treatment of ADHD, common controlled substances include Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, and Vyvanse. You’ll work with your doctor when deciding which medication, if any, is best for you.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We work with all insurance plans, including college student health insurance plans. By utilizing your insurance benefits, we ensure you receive the cheapest care. Please make sure to have your insurance information ready when scheduling a consultation.

How much does it cost?

TreatADHD was built upon the foundations of affordable ADHD treatment and healthcare transparency. TreatADHD offers free consultations. With that said, if you decide to use our service, we charge a $199 fee. This fee includes the cost of the doctor’s visit. The cost to pick up your ADHD medication depends on your insurance plan and for most medications and plans, is around $10. We’ll be able to provide you with a better estimate of your medication cost once we analyze your health insurance benefits. Some medications may not be covered which is why it’s important to have someone check your coverage before your visit.

Consultations Available Daily

Our specialists are available from 3PM-9PM, so we can be on your schedule-not the other way around.

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