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ADHD is one of the most common psychiatric illness and is estimated to affect ~8% of children and ~2% of adults. Despite its presence, it is often missed and individuals who have it end up suffering; an estimated 25-40% of patients don’t receive or receive inadequate treatment. At TreatADHD, we’re committed to helping college students and other adults, identify, diagnose, obtain ADHD medication, and treat ADHD at an affordable price. We help college students help find ADHD doctors near them. 

ADHD In College

We understand the struggle it can be to be diagnosed with ADHD, especially in college. Many clients struggle with ADHD-related stigma and are seen as drug seeking when in reality they’re suffering. TreatADHD is committed to making sure you receive the treatment you need. Find out how we help college students get a proper ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

ACT/SAT Accommodations

TreatADHD works with doctors nationwide who specialize in treating ADHD. Part of ADHD is the inability to focus and tendency to make careless mistakes. Because of this, many students need extended time on exams like the ACT and SAT. We help students all over the country obtain extended time and other accommodations for these exams.

ADHD Medication

Many clients express their frustration finding a doctor willing to prescribe ADHD Medication since many of them (like Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, Vyvanse, etc) are controlled substances. Luckily, we’re about to identify and connect you to doctors willing to diagnose and treat you. Find out if medication can help you in your treatment.

Adult ADHD Medication

While ADHD is primarily seen as a childhood disease, there are many adults with the disorder. We accept all clients ages 6 and up. Find out about Adult ADHD Treatment options in the United States.


College ADHD Services

ADHD isn't always detected and diagnosed in childhood. Our psychiatrists understand that and have experience treating college students with ADHD and are prepared to help you get on medication.


School Accommodations

We have experience navigating the complicated world of IEP, 504, and service plans. If you feel your child isn't getting adequate support at school, contact us.


Find ADHD Doctor

Navigating the psychiatric world can be difficult and expensive by yourself. Get help from specialists who have experience helping you get the medication you need. Find an ADHD doctor today.


Psychiatric Comorbidities

Often, ADHD presents itself with other psychiatric conditions like substance abuse. Our team can ensure your child recieves proper care all their disorders, so they don't have to choose between treating one or the other.


ADHD Treatment Center

Medication is the main treatment plan for adults diagnosed with ADHD. We can connect you to doctors whose expertise is in ADHD Medication Management.


Patient-Led Care

We believe patients do best when they're active in their treatment plans. For this reason, we connect our clients to open-minded, compassionate, and non-judgmental physicians. 

In-Network Doctors. Affordable ADHD Treatment.

We strive to provide affordable care by connecting you with in-network doctors so you pay less. We work with all insurance plans, including college student health insurance plans.

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ADHD Medication for Adults

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